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Dosetimpex was established in 1994 in Timişoara and is currently one of the main players in the Romanian and Belgian market for construction works and the delivery of equipment for this sector. Dosetimpex's shareholding is made up of PhD Eng. Ioan Silviu Doboşi, the founder of the company, PhD Eng. Ştefan Dună and ec. Aurel Cenuşe. On this foundation a team has grown and evolved, a group that incorporates professionals in the field, highly experienced in design, service execution and management.


Constant professional training and team competitiveness have been the main factors which have contributed to obtaining authorizations for the company and team members, from various internal and international bodies. Embracing tradition, modernity and human value, strongly anchored in our experience, we aim for a future where professionalism and seriousness are the qualities that recommend us. Our main value is the team we’ve built throughout so many successful projects. Another key component in our set of values ​​is the substantial scientifical activity developed by our team members. Our links with high schools and higher education institutions, annual participation in national and international conferences, as well as in scientific competitions, is a regular activity for our colleagues.


For 24 years, Dosetimpex has implemented the newest ideas and scientific discoveries, from the conception phase through design, respecting the building service international, European and national norms. The company’s services have always met the standard set by the client assuring a degree of comfort adjusted to its possibilites, time and space.


The principles underpinning Dosetimpex's strategy take into account the values ​​of society: belief, truth, beauty, good, justice, freedom and respect for man, life and the environment. We are actively involved in supporting young athletes from Timis County by financially supporting the foundations and professionals involved in youth sports projects. We sponsor charitable foundations and projects that support students from school and college in their work on education, research, and professional training. We are involved in the social and health benefits of our employees and partners. We support faculties and education for both the endowment of laboratories and practical training.

Financial Data

At the end of 2015 9.9 milion euros

At the end of 2016 6.8 milion euros

At the end of 2017 8.6 milion euros

At the end of 2018 11 milion euros

Our Team

Expertise. Professionalism. Communication.

Ioan Silviu Dobosi

Stefan Duna

Executive Manager

Expert in mechanical building services

Aurel Cenuse

Financial Manager

Specialist in Economy and Finance


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