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As an equipment provider, Dosetimpex has established and has ongoing commercial partnerships and relations with a series of important producing companies. We can offer our clients the following products:

VIESSMAN (Germany) or FERROLI (Italy) central heating boilers;

WILO (Germany) pumping equipment;

REFLEX (Germany) expansion vessels;

LAING (Germany), QUALUTHERM 2000 complete radial floor heating systems;

LAING (Germany), RADITHERM fixed mono-tube heating systems;

GEBERIT (Switzerland) advanced technology for sanitary installations;

CIAT (France) complete air-conditioning systems;

Domestic hot water heating systems;

TRANSRO AG (Switzerland) pneumatic transport of documents;

ARMSTRONG (Germany) thermal insulation;

BOLID (The Netherlands) elastic floors;

KAUTEX (Germany) fuel tanks;

KAESER (Germany) compressors.

What we do


button We provide designing services for all types of construction installations. button


We execute all types of installations for constructions. product button


We deliver any types of equipment for construction installations.

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We guarantee a well executed job both in designing as well as in execution.
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Energetic audit

We provide complete energetic audit services for buildings.

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Doset-PEC software

Our Company has developed, together with specialists from the field, the software application Doset-PEC, a calculus program for assesing the Energy Performance of Buildings and Apartments.